The X96Q Allwinner H313 Android Box Honest Review


Android boxes are all the rage, some are excellent compared to others, like the X96Q Allwinner H313 Android box. For a small price, you get a box that is good enough for most small tasks.



X96Q Allwinner H313 Android Box
X96Q Allwinner H313 Android Box

Technical specifications for the X96Q Allwinner H313 Android Box


This X96Q Allwinner H313 Android box has a remarkable design. For those in the know, it’s a bit classic, but still interesting. The black color and the shape go well together. The size does not disturb when handling. So the box can be put anywhere, especially on the TV table or any other flat surface. With its three ports, you can connect it to the TV and to an Ethernet cable. The third is for power. They’re all on the side, which is great for the overall aesthetic. Otherwise, it includes other useful functions: Wifi, Home Cinema option, decoding of several file formats, etc.


X96Q Allwinner H313 memory


This box has 16 GB of storage, which is enough to watch movies on TV. You can also record some videos while waiting to watch them. For movie lovers, this is insufficient, it must be said. You can always use a TF card as a hard drive. The memory card has a high performance. The main reason for this is the Allwinner H313 chip. It is of type. In addition to this, the quad-core Cortex-A53 processor and Mali-G31 GPU. Nevertheless, 16 GB is already huge for applications, games and the like. The remaining 2 GB of RAM or RAM memory also guarantees a high speed of use. Stability is even ensured since the system is fully supported.




An HDMI cable is offered with the box. Thus, you can connect the box directly to the TV. You will need an Ehternet cable to be able to connect to the Internet because there is none. This is not a problem because the internet providers always offer it. Wifi also allows you to use it more easily, if you don’t want a wired connection. It supports speeds of 2.4 G, and even 5 G. In any case, with a speed of 10 to 100 Mbps, the Ethernet port is only a support. It is recommended to use Wi-Fi. With the USB ports, you can still watch content on USB and use the box as a USB drive. Next to these is the TF card port.




This box runs on Android 10.0, the latest Android version. This is the best that is currently available. Speed and fluidity are therefore assured. It also supports the latest applications, which is reassuring when downloading. Also, no latency or jerky movements can occur. That’s why it’s called a smart box.


Included with the X96Q box


The packaging includes an infrared remote control, a DC 5V/2A power cable, a user manual and the box. So you have everything you need to make it work. Note that the infrared remote control is much more powerful and practical than the other models.




The X96Q Allwinner H313 Android box has outstanding performance. Its high quality is undeniable, especially in terms of responsiveness. It can play almost any content, images, audio and video. But moreover, it can replace a video game console.




As a last generation Android 10 box, it supports almost all video files. Unfortunately, Kodi is not integrated into the system.


Image quality of the X96Q


You can get 4k quality with this X96Q Allwinner H313 Android box. It also plays 3D content. The videos are therefore of top quality since it is full-HD, even better than the classic HD with 1080 p. This is to say that the images are sharp and clear. For photos, it supports HD JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG and TIFF formats.


Audio & Video


This Android X96Q box can decode all existing audio and video files. In addition, you can enjoy 4K high definition clearer than 1080p. It becomes a real Media Player because it can play MP3, AAC-LCD files, FLAC, OGG, AMR-WB, etc.




Gaming is the limit of this Android box. We recommend boxes with better features like the Nvidia TV Shield.