TV Box Bqeel Android 10.0 B1 Max


TV Box Bqeel Android
TV Box Bqeel Android


If you are decided to buy an Android Box, the Bqeel 10.0 B1 Max Android Box is a very good choice. This small box allows you to watch movies and series at any time. You will have access to international programs and the best channels in the world in addition to quality content.


Presentation of the TV Box Bqeel Android 10.0 B1 Max 


Bqeel Android 10.0 B1 Max TV Box is a home TV set-top box for international content. It is designed for all movie lovers to access online entertainment channels, internet and a multimedia speaker in one device. So you can watch international channels, listen to music or radio and enjoy ultra-high definition video streaming at home. You can also use it as a projection device and as a console for video games (online).

This box runs on Android 10.0: the latest and best version of Android. It offers an excellent user experience. It also supports all current massive applications. Its power is well matched with its speed of execution as well as image quality. It also has wireless connectivity, 2.4G WiFi and even 5G.


Good internet and Bluetooth connectivity


TV Box Bqeel Android 10.0 B1 Max
TV Box Bqeel Android 10.0 B1 Max


The Box Bqeel Android 10.0 B1 Max is equipped with WiFi. You can connect it with WiFi 2.4G, 3G and 4G. It even supports 5G BT 4.0 connection speed. The WiFi signal is excellent and the connection is as stable as it is fast. So when you’re surfing the internet or looking for channels, smoothness and convenience are assured.

There’s no risk of bugs or frozen connections either, since you can always plug an Ethernet cable directly into the Ethernet port. For peripherals, you can use the built-in Bluetooth 4.0. This way, you can project videos and use your TV and internet subscription on all devices at home: Smart TV, Smartphone and tablet.


Power with the Android 10.0 B1 Max Box from Bqeel


This Android 10.0 B1 Max Box from Bqeel is very powerful. First of all, you have an Android OS 10.0 system, so it supports all existing Android applications. The device also embeds a H61 chip, which ensures usage performance and stability. Even when loading content, such as movies for example, no latency is observed. If you want to store them in the memory card, you can watch movies simultaneously without the import getting in the way. And you can still surf the Internet, even while sending SMS.

Still talking about power, you should know that this case has a 4GB RAM and a 64G ROM. Together, these two features ensure application speed and memory storage. The 64 GB Flash ROM is more than enough to save and store dozens and dozens of applications.


Excellent image quality, even for videos


This Android 10.0 B1 box from Bqeel produces very high quality images: ultra-high definition with 8K, even if you play video files. This means you can see the details of scenes and characters in high contrast, beautiful colors and enjoy sharp images.

Similarly, you can play almost all existing music formats, including MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, OGG, DDP, HD, FLAC and APE files. For photo formats, the box is compatible with HD JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG and TIF files. The supported media formats are: Avi, Ts, Vob, Mkv, Mov, ISO, wmv, asf, flv, dat, mpg and mpeg. This decoder also supports SRT, SMI, SUB and SSA format subtitle files, IDX+USB and HDD file systems like FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS.


TV Box Bqeel Android Max
TV Box Bqeel Android Max


Technical characteristics


This box of Bqeel has the following characteristics:

System: Android 10.0 OS
WiFi mode: IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac; 2.4G/5G
LAN and Ethernet port: 10/100M with standard RJ-45 cable
CPU: 64-bit quad core Cortex A53 CPU
Chip: Allwinner H616
GPU: G31 MP2
Storage Memory (ROM): eMMC Flash 64 GB
Bluetooth Connectivity: 4.0
Expandable memory with Micro SD card: maximum 128 GB


Connections available on this box


You have all the useful connectors:

1 HDMI port,
3 USB ports,
1 Ethernet port,
1 AV output,
1 SD card input.
You can connect the HDMI cable to the TV, wired devices such as keyboard or mouse or a flash drive to the USB ports, the WLan cable to the Ethernet port, the power cable to the AV output and the SD card to the TF input.


Our opinion on the TV Box Bqeel Android  10.0 B1 Max


The Bqeel 10.0 B1 Max Android Box offers more than just entertainment. It is perfect for playing video and audio files, and especially for watching international channels. It can also be used as a projection device and as a support for video games. In short, we recommend it!