The Sunvell T95Z Plus Android TV Box



The Sunvell T95Z Plus Android TV Box
The Sunvell T95Z Plus Android TV Box


Currently, the TV Box is a device that most households want to have in their living room. It is a box that allows you to access the Internet from your smart TV. Sunvell T95Z Plus is listed among the most coveted Android boxes of the moment. That’s why we decided to evaluate its real performance.


Presentation of the T95Z Plus Android TV Box


The result of a Chinese creation, Sunvell T95Z Plus expresses a great originality compared to competing boxes. It is especially its unusual shape that makes its originality. Indeed, if Android box lovers are used to seeing rectangular boxes, Sunvell T95Z Plus has a hexagonal shape and is bordered by a colored light strip. Its black color gives it a touch of sobriety and allows it to be easily integrated into the decor of a living room. It has, on the front, a small screen that allows it to display the time, which is quite practical.


Installation & Operating Instructions


T95Z Plus has two outputs on the side, including one for audio and one for image. The fact that it is multilingual also makes it easy to handle. In the package, it comes with the Sunvell T95Z plus a power cable, an HDMI cable, a remote control and the box’s user manual. The latter will help you in the handling and installation of your Android box. The size and weight of the box also facilitates its installation. Indeed, each side of the hexagonal box measures 13 cm and its thickness is 3 cm. As for its weight, it is only 2.5 g.


Is the T95Z plus suitable for IPTV?


As far as IPTV subscriptions are concerned, the Sunvell T95Z Android box is efficient. It allows you to fully enjoy all your favorite TV channels from different devices. However, since most IPTV subscriptions offered on the Internet are illegal, be sure to check before signing up with a provider. If you are interested in such illegal subscriptions because of their attractive price, it is highly recommended to install a VPN on your Sunvell T95Z TV box. All your data and information will remain confidential.


Where to buy this box at the best price?


If you want to get the Sunvell T95Z Android box at a good price, it is highly recommended to buy it online. It is on sale at a very good price on the most famous sales sites, Amazon remains the most reliable and therefore the most recommended site or Gearbest is a good alternative.



The Sunvell T95Z Plus
The Sunvell T95Z Plus

Technical specifications


The Android T95Z Plus box is interesting on the technical level. It has many advantages compared to its competitors. Its interface is powered by the Google OS accompanied by its Android Marshmallow system. Its Bluetooth 4.0 version allows it to connect wireless accessories such as a mouse or a wireless controller. We are particularly surprised by its high-performance graphics. This gives it a great responsiveness and smooth navigation. For more details, here are its technical characteristics:


Processor: Amlmogic S912 Octa core 64 Bits
Graphics Card: ARM Mali T820MP3
RAM Memory: 3Gb DDR3 expandable up to 1Tb to store movies and games
ROM Memory: 32 Gb
System: Android 6.0
Bluetooth version: 4.0
HD, Full HD and 3D support for videos and games
4K gaming functionality
Compatibility with the Kodi 17 application
WiFi bandwidth: 802.11 b/g/n/ac
HDMI version: 2.0 RJ45
Port speed: 1./100M/1000M RGMII




The Sunvell T95Z Plus box has a 64 bit system. This is what makes its performance. Moreover, it supports all existing audio and video formats. Equipped with a 5.1 audio support, it shows an exceptional sound quality.


After testing Sunvell T95Z plus, we can tell you that it is a powerful and advantageous box. The power of its processor allows it to support the heaviest applications and games, especially those in 3D. It also allows you to enjoy your favorite videos in streaming. Moreover, this box is popular due to the fact that it is compatible with various media. In addition, it has very wide WiFi bands, which is also its advantage. With Sunvell T95Z Plus, video game enthusiasts as well as TV fans can treat themselves. This box model is therefore highly recommended.