Subscription Canal Plus and Mycanal With Netflix


Subscription Canal Plus and Mycanal with Netflix
Subscription Canal Plus and Mycanal with Netflix


Good news for Netflix fans. Movies and series are now available even if you subscribe to Canal Plus. All programs are fully accessible via this subscription. Through this partnership, subscribers can finally enjoy Netflix programs. This allows access to recent movies, different series, documentaries and all Netflix programs. From the price of subscriptions to the terms of access, this article tells you everything.


The partnership between Neftflix and Canal Plus


The alliance of Netflix and Canal Plus dates back to October 15, 2019. From this period, Canal Plus includes in its packages Netflix. The partnership of these two giants is both beneficial for these two major economic players and for subscribers. To mark the occasion, Canal Plus has broadcast a rather offbeat, but very impactful ad. This alliance confirms the fact that it has evolved. It is no longer a simple TV channel, it is now a platform that gives access to several types of content.

Canal Plus subscribers who have a Netflix subscription will be able to subscribe to the new package and enjoy videos from the same subscription. This collaboration offers countless opportunities, in France alone Netflix has about six million subscribers. Canal Plus has the opportunity to expand its reach through Netflix. Canal Plus has become accessible on television and on connected devices such as phones, tablets, etc.


Subscription Mycanal
Subscription Mycanal


How to get Netflix with your Canal Plus subscription ?


To get Netflix with your Canal Plus subscription, you just need to subscribe to the CINE SERIES pack or to the INTEGRALE+ offer. If you have already subscribed to the CINE SERIES pack, you will enjoy the Netflix Standard service as well as 20 movie and series channels from Canal Plus. If you have already subscribed to the new INTERGRALE+ offer, you will have access to the Netflix Standard service as well as all the Canal Plus programs and channels of your current subscription.


What are the prices of the Mycanal and Netflix offers ?


The subscription to this offer varies according to many criteria.

For those who have not yet subscribed to Canal + CINE SERIES, you will have to invest 34.90 euros/month for the duration of one year. This is quite advantageous, because this subscription avoids paying 49.90 euros/month if the subscription is done separately (19.9 euros/month: Canal+ subscription and 15 euros/month: Netflix subscription). This offer is subject to conditions and is valid for a limited time.

For people who already have the Canal+ pack and the Ciné Séries channels, to take advantage of the Netflix offer, you will have to make a change to your formula. By subscribing for two years, you will only have to pay 20 euros/month instead of 30 euros/month.

For those who wish to subscribe to the INTEGRALE+, you will have to pay 89.90 euros/month. However, for those who opt for a 24-month commitment period, the subscription will only cost 79.90 euros/month. If you have already subscribed to this offer, you will have to pay 89.99 euros/month. This is only valid for two-year subscriptions.

For individuals under the age of 26, the subscription to the CINE SERIES package is set at 24.95 euros/month. However, the offer will only be available on the streaming screens and not on the TV set-top box.
By opting for the CINE SERIES pack subscription or the INTEGRALE+ Offer, the subscriber will not be subject to a price variation during your commitment period. However, with the a la carte option, the subscriber will be subject to Netflix’s price fluctuations. But they are not forced to commit.


Subscription Canal Plus
Subscription Canal Plus


On which channel can you find Netflix with Canal+ on your TV ?


To access Netflix with Canal+ :

On a SFR box, you will have to go to channel 290;
On a Free box, you will have to go on the 130.


How can I access Netflix with my Canal subscription ?


The advantage with the alliance of these two giants is that the subscription to Netflix is associated with the new Canal Plus Séries offer. However, do not expect to see Netflix directly in the Canal Plus interface. To benefit from the Netflix catalog, you will have to use myCanal. Once you have chosen the program you want to watch, you will be directed to the Netflix platform. In this context, it will not be possible to download the Neftflix content offered by myCanal.

* The TV set-top box allows you to access the Netflix offer with Canal Plus.
* To access the Netflix application through your connected devices, simply enter the credentials used at the time of activation.
* In order to activate the Netflix account on the Canal Plus subscription, it is essential to go through the Netflix activation email.


What if you already have a Netflix account ?


For those who already have a Netflix account, it is possible to maintain its reading history. To do this, you must create a Canal Plus account or use your existing account. It is imperative to activate Netflix by the email received using the usual identifiers. The account will then be switched to Canal Plus. Thanks to this process, the subscriber will only have to pay one bill. In other words, the billing is done by Canal Plus, the price of the offers or subscriptions will not be affected during the whole duration of your commitment. However, the à la carte selection may vary according to Netflix’s price increases. This option remains without commitment.


What are the reception modes to access Netflix ?


If you use myCanal, you will be able to watch the current programs in the Netflix collection.

You can also use the Canal Plus decoder.
On connected devices with the Netflix application.
It is also possible to enjoy it through the Netflix application of the TV box offered by the Internet operator.


What do I have to do to subscribe to the new MyCanal and Netflix offer ?

In order to benefit from this new offer, you will have to go to the Canal Plus platform. Click on the “A la carte” option. Thanks to this process, you will have full access to the contents of Canal Plus CINE SERIES with NETFLIX via the television. By clicking on the “2-year commitment” option, you will not be subject to any additional costs. This two-year subscription protects you from rate increases. On the other hand, by choosing the offer with only 1 year commitment, you will have to pay 5 euros/month more.