Set IPTV Apk Application


set iptv apk application
set iptv apk application


For Smart TVs, such as those from Samsung or LG, it is necessary to use boxes or apps to enjoy the best content and quality streams. There are several providers and as many apps. There are many IPTV applications available and some of them like Set IPTV allow you to access illegal streams. Illegal use is not recommended, we explain everything in this article.


Presentation of the Set IPTV application


Set IPTV is a new application for IPTV that allows you to play more content and streaming. The application does not directly provide subscriptions or channels. It is an interface that helps you manage them, but only for video channels and video content. It is simply a media player for IPTV, which allows you to create a quick and automatic playlist. Thus, you should have an IPTV subscription before using it.


How to install the IPTV Set apk ?


First, you need to have a subscription. You need a m3u link available from your TV provider beforehand. Then, you should launch the application, that is, install it on your SmartTV. Then you should create an account by using the m3u code. You can enter your credentials to create the account and register. That’s it. From there, you will be able to log in to the application by entering your credentials.

Then you need to activate the Set IPTV apk. This is to enter your playlist or to upload videos. Start by going to the settings, to find the Host and put the site of the subscription. Put it in the “Host” box. Then click on “Add User”. Then add your credentials and your Macadress available in the Set IPTV application and enter your external playlist URL. When you see your active status, it’s OK.


On which media is the Set IPTV application available ?


Set IPTV is available on all Smart TVs with IPTV subscription, such as Samsung Smart TV or LG Smart TV. The IPTV subscription is mandatory, because it will be the very basis of the application. All the contents and videos to be played will be available only on IPTV and in your IPTV subscription offer.

Attention, the IPTV Set apk is a simple intermediary. It is not responsible for the quality of the contents or the speed of the playback, or even for interruptions. It is limited to the functions of broadcasters. If such cases arise, you should complain to your provider.


set iptv apk
set iptv apk


What is the price ?


The IPTV Set apk is available from 14.99 euros. This purchase is final. You will have a free 7-day trial, during which you can try out the features and usage. If you are not satisfied, you can stop. If you want to continue, you should subscribe for 29 euros per month for one year.


Why using Set IPTV may be illegal ?


The Set IPTV apk is not illegal at all, nor is its use. However, if you use it to play illegal content, i.e. if you connect to channels you are not entitled to on your IPTV Smart TV, you risk falling into illegality.

Indeed, many people use VPNs to access content abroad. Others use their IPTV to access US Netflix without permission or Japanese channels, for example. There’s nothing wrong with this unless your subscription doesn’t support the content you’ve chosen to play. In any case, when your subscription doesn’t allow it, you are in the illegal every time you use IPTV or Set IPTV without having the right to do so.

Some people still take risks and connect to illegal offers, which are numerous on the internet. But as the broadcasting rights are different from one country to another, you put your provider in question in front of a request for identification of foreign channels. This is totally illegal. The same is true for the channels. The geo-restriction applies as much to your provider as to you. It is this copyright that prohibits you from using the IPTV Set apk on non-accessible offers.


What are the risks of taking out an illegal IPTV subscription ? 


We would like to emphasize this point: an IPTV subscription is illegal if you do not respect the terms of your subscription contract. Thus, you risk penalties as it is a crime to play videos or view channels that are forbidden to you.

In addition, if your subscription is illegal, your internet provider will know about it thanks to your browsing data. Then, besides stopping your subscription, you can be sued. But why? Because your IPTV provider does not have the rights to broadcast channels from abroad, you do not have the right to play them either. You should limit yourself to the channels offered in your subscription to stay within the law. You engage its responsibility towards the channels and you also engage yours.


Set IPTV seems to be a good alternative for playing media content, especially videos on your ITPV offer. It’s especially useful when you don’t have time to watch live videos or sit in front of your TV. As an online and subscription media player, you should only know that it cannot be used for illegal purposes. And even in this case, Set IPTV disclaims any responsibility as well as your internet service provider. You remain solely responsible.