How To Turn a Raspberry Pi Into An Android TV Box ?


Raspberry Pi into an Android TV Box
Raspberry Pi into an Android TV Box


The connected TV experience is going strong to the point of becoming an essential need for moviegoers. Thus, developers have created a device capable of playing quality video content and games. Check out the example of Raspberry Pi, with the installation guide to turn it into an Android TV Box.


What is a Raspberry Pi ? Raspberry Pi Into An Android TV Box


The new independent developers, lovers of streaming and video games, have managed to recreate an Android TV Box from Raspberry Pi 3.

Raspberry Pi is a computer sold at low cost with an ARM processor. It allows you to create a custom smartphone or have a game console in a single device. For this reason, a card excels integrated in multimedia applications. It also has an HDMI port and a chip for decoding files in many video formats. These parameters make it an excellent support for video content. Raspberry Pi3 being the model of the range to have an Android 7.0 Nougat system, adaptable with Android TV. All you need to do is install an Android TV application to use this little box as a set-top box.

The same developers have managed to recover an Android TV ROM and adapt it to Raspberry. For the actual transformation, you will have to download the ROM at this address and follow a few steps. As everything goes through the Sideload, you should also download Play Store.


What is an Android TV Box ?


An Android TV Box is a set-top box to be adapted to a Smart TV, allowing you to access connected channels, shows from other countries, streaming, movies, series and even access the internet.

Here are the steps to turn your Raspberry Pi into a TV Box:


Uninstalling And Installing The Android System


Here you have to install LineageOS on your Android system so that the device can support the multimedia programs needed in a TV box.

In practice, you should install the Android image on the SD card, following the same process as for creating an SD card on raspbian. You can also open Ether, and select the Android image file after extracting it from the zip archive. The Ether program will find this SD card and install the operating system. All you have to do is click on Flash and the SD card will be created automatically.

When the card has been created, connect your Raspberry Pi 3 to the screen and insert the card into the box. The Android system is now installed and functional. Next you will install Play Store and connect the Raspberry Pi 3 to the internet. To do this, go to settings, and “About the tablet” then click on “Status” to find your IP address. From there, go back to your Unix computer and run the device.


Raspberry Pi into Android TV Box
Raspberry Pi into Android TV Box


Configuring Android TV With Google Apps


When the Raspberry Pi 3 is connected to the internet, open the From now on, you will execute some codes. The objective is to change the IP address and replace it with the Pi 3’s. So open a terminal and :

Start immediately to run the command “sudo apt install android-tools-adb” to connect your Raspberry Android to your PC;
Install “LZip” by entering the code “sudo apt install lzip” to connect to your Raspberry;
Press “adb ;
Run the script and install Play Store in the terminal (the folder that contains the script);
Open and execute the command “sudo chmod u+x ./ sudo ./”.
You should now expect the script to run. To recognize it, just wait until the device restarts and access to Play Store is opened.


Configuring Your Android TV Interface on Raspberry Pi 3


This last step consists in triggering or opening the Android TV interface on the Raspberry Pi 3. You can try to download video content players on Android TV. Don’t panic, apps like YouTube, Plex, Amazon Prime Video or Kodi will suffice. Playback and offerings will vary depending on your IPTV subscription and the channels you have access to.

Normally, when this last step is completed, you will have access to international channels, available only on an Android TV box. Your Raspberry Pi 3 has been transformed into an Android TV Box. And beware, the process of downloading and ordering the configurations can take some time.

Note that before the first step, you should have a Raspberry Pi 3, obviously, a power supply and an SD card with at least 16 GB of storage. It should have good RAM as well. You also need a screen, an HDMI cable, an Android image to download and the sh script to download.

In fact, you should download the LineageOS 15.1 Android 8.1-like software (for the Raspberry Pi 3), Open GApps Pico Pack and Etcher (for the SD card). In addition, bring a keyboard and a mouse for the commands as well as a USB card. You can use a universal remote, keyboard and mouse for commands by connecting them via Bluetooth. Alternatively, both devices have Wi-Fi capability. Finally, choose a Unix OS device (Linux or Mac OS) to run the sh script or opt for a virtual version if you do not have one.