The TV Box Android 9.0 Ninkbox N8 Plus Review


Ninkbox N8 Plus
Ninkbox N8 Plus


Nowadays, you don’t have to invest in a Smart TV to enjoy as many channels as possible. Certainly, for the last few years, the IPTV box market has allowed you to enjoy the same advantages at a lower price. The Ninkbox N8 Plus Android 9.0 TV box is one of the new references on the market.


Presentation of the Ninkbox N8 Plus Android 9.0


The Ninkbox N8 Plus Android 9.0 TV box has the potential to attract a large number of TV addicts thanks to its features. The majority of DTT HD antennas and Internet boxes do not always allow their users to access their favorite programs. This new version is one of the most recent vectors that revolutionize the TV experience.

Indeed, the Android 9.0 Ninkbox N8 Plus TV box is currently a best-seller due to its practicality and ease of use. Its improved features and its ability to provide access to an almost unlimited number of channels also make this box a reference in the field.


Technical characteristics of the Ninkbox N8 Plus TV box


This box has the latest Android 9.0 system. This OS for TV allows a much better stability and performance during its use. Its Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity allows you to connect to your box many accessories such as headphones, mouse, keyboard and others. Equipped with Amlogic S905X3 technology and with a video resolution of up to 8K, this TV box gives you an excellent viewing experience. In addition, it has 4 GB of RAM that allows you to integrate several applications at the same time. Those 64GB of Flash ROM with 128GB of expanded capacity also give you more space and cache memory so you can download as many videos as you want.


In addition, the N8 Plus has several handy ports namely:


1 USB 3.0 port,
1 USB 2.0 port,
1 SD Card cram,
1 SPDIF Port,
1 Ethernet Port of 10/100M,
1 HDMI port,
1 power port.
Finally, thanks to its 2.4G and 5G Wifi connectivity with Lan port of 100M, you will enjoy a fluidity when you watch TV or play on the Internet.


ninkbox n8 plus android tv box
ninkbox n8 plus android tv box


Ninkbox N8 Plus : An ergonomic Android TV Box


The Ninkbox N8 Plus is one of the newest models of Android TV box. It is solid and durable. Thanks to its small size, it takes up very little space and can be perfectly integrated into your TV cabinet. With its sleek and elegant design, it will fit perfectly in your living room decor. The top of this box is covered with a sticker with the brand name on a black background. Its connectors are easily accessible whether it is the USB ports, the SD card slot or the power port. At the back, you can connect an HDMI cable and an Ethernet cable. The Ninkbox N8 Plus also has a small screen to tell you the time. It’s pretty complete!

On the accessory side, this Android TV box comes with only a pointer remote control. That’s enough to access YouTube, Netflix or other such applications. However, if you want to access social networks and leave comments, you need to buy a compatible Bluetooth keyboard.


Installation and instructions for the N8 Plus


This model is small in size so it doesn’t take up much space on your TV table. Moreover, it is easy to install. The HDMI cable allows the device to connect to your TV before plugging it into a power outlet. You will still need an Internet connection via wifi or cable to watch as many channels as possible.

Its installation will be directly accompanied by the settings of the language and the connection to the network. These settings will also be very easy thanks to the accessibility and intuitiveness of the box. You are then free to add the applications of your choice after logging into your Google account. The applications, as well as the downloaded movies and music, will be stored on the device’s hard drive which has a very high capacity.


Where to buy this TV Box at the best price ?


To avoid any surprises, you can find this Android Box model on Amazon. The price is normally around 60€ for the 4G / 64G model.


** For us, investing in the Ninkbox N8 Plus is a great way to enjoy a better TV viewing experience. The device has something to seduce anyone, especially since it allows you to watch everything in HD and HDR at a very reasonable price. In addition to all this, it has a large storage capacity, is easy to install and use, and is extremely practical. In fact, when you get to grips with the interface, it’s obviously easy to use, especially if you’re used to the Android system. So far, there is nothing to say about its weak points except perhaps that the brand is still very little known. **