Best Review of The Ninkbox Android 9.0 TV Box



Ninkbox Android TV Box
Ninkbox Android TV Box


Nowadays, you don’t have to invest in a Smart TV to enjoy the maximum number of channels possible. In fact, for a few years now, IPTV boxes have been available on the market that allow you to enjoy the same advantages for a much lower price. The Ninkbox Android TV Box is one of the new references in this field on the market, and given its characteristics, it has what it takes to attract the largest possible number of TV addicts.


Presentation of the Ninkbox Android TV Box


HDTV antennas and Internet boxes have already shown their limits many times, not allowing their users to access their favorite programs at any time. Fortunately, there is currently the Android 9.0 Ninkbox TV Box, one of the most recent vectors of the TV experience revolution. This IPTV Box is currently one of the best sellers in this field in many stores, due to its practicality and simplicity of use, its optimal features and, above all, its ability to provide access to an almost unlimited number of channels. This is quite surprising considering that the brand from which it comes from is not very well known.


Installation & User Guide


TV Box Android 9.0 Ninkbox is small in size and therefore does not take up much space on your TV table. Its installation is very easy. The HDMI cable supplied with the device is enough to connect it to the TV before plugging it into a power outlet. It is still necessary to have an Internet connection by wifi or cable to be able to watch as many channels as possible.

The installation will be directly followed by the settings of the language and the connection to the network. These will also be done more easily thanks to the accessibility and intuitiveness of the Box. Afterwards, the user is free to integrate applications that he or she deems useful for his or her experience after logging into his or her Google account. These applications, such as downloaded movies and music, will be stored on the device’s large capacity hard drive.


Is the Ninkbox suitable for IPTV ? 


The Ninkbox Android 9.0 TV Box belongs to the IPTV Box category and some of its users do not hesitate to qualify it as one of the Top 3 references to be preferred in this field. As such, this device will give you the possibility to have all the TV channels of the world. You will not miss any of the best programs of not only European, but also Asian, American, even Oceanic and African channels, provided of course that you have an Internet connection and a reading terminal and that you subscribe to pay channels. And to top it all off, this device allows you to watch the news on your tablet while your kids are watching their favorite cartoon on TV.


Where to buy this box at the best price ?


Currently, most of the TV boxes on the market are priced between 35 and 80 euros. TV Box Android 9.0 Ninkbox has the advantage of being in the average, costing around 60 euros from many giants of online sales such as Amazon, C Discount, rue du commerce. And this price is quite reasonable considering the multiple advantages of the product compared to a good part of the competition. It is still possible to buy with a lower budget on the online market of refurbished or used devices.


Technical characteristics


To better understand why the Ninkbox Android 9.0 TV Box has managed to establish itself on the market after only a few months of launch, it’s important to focus on its technical features:

Android 9.0 as the operating system: resulting in even more developed stability and increased performance compared to competing devices with previous versions of the OS.
Connectivity: Android 9.0 Ninkbox TV Box is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity technology, which allows wireless connection with keyboard, mouse and headphones. It also promises more fluidity for your TV programs and online games thanks to 4G+5G Wifi and Lan port of 100M.
Storage capacity: Android 9.0 Ninkbox TV Box has landed on the market with an internal ROM of 60GB that can be expanded up to 128GB of ROM. This will allow you to host a whole bunch of applications and multimedia content, not to mention the various cached files. The device also promises more speed thanks to its 4GB of RAM.
Image quality: Android 9.0 Ninkbox TV Box is a device with H.265 and VP9 technologies, 4K support. Its users enjoy a better viewing experience thanks to its high-definition image quality.
Ports: HDMI, RJ45 Port, TF Card, USB 2.0 and 3.0. No Ethernet port.

For us, buying an Android 9.0 Ninkbox TV Box means enjoying a better TV viewing experience. How can you not be seduced by a device that allows you to see everything in ultra HD and HDR for a budget of only 60 euros. In addition to this, it has a large storage capacity, easy installation and practicality. It is still not free of any criticism. We regret in particular the inexistence of Ethernet port, a disadvantage which however passes unnoticed because of the multiple advantages which one can profit with the device. The fact that it is not stamped by a well-known brand in the field should not be a barrier to its purchase.