Review of The Net IPTV Application


Net IPTV Application
Net IPTV Application


New features had to be adapted to new technologies to make them even better. So the newest addition to the connected TV lineup, IPTV, is getting another upgrade with Net IPTV. We decided to take a closer look at what it is capable of. Here is our opinion.


Presentation of The Net IPTV Application


Net IPTV is an application designed only for IPTV and for streaming on this device. As a streaming application, it provides access to a wide range of TV channels on multiple devices. Users are also entitled to better picture quality, HD images, 4K and 3D.

But Net IPTV also resells IPTV subscriptions. This allows customers to access unlimited videos, programs and TV series. And even though most of the channels are illegal, the number is still much higher than with traditional IPTV. Since it is an application, you can install it on all currently available connected devices.


* How to install Net IPTV ?


Net IPTV is available on App Store and Google Play Store. After downloading it, you just need to go through the manual configuration. You first install the application on your IPTV and create your list. The actual installation only takes a few minutes and the steps remain the same as with any other app. All you have to do is create your playlist with the links to the content you want to play and enter your Mac address. After an identity verification by Image Recaptcha, you will have to restart your Smart TV. Then, open the application again.


* On which media is the Net IPTV application available?


Net IPTV is available on all current devices that support the same content as IPTV. Thus, Samsung, LG or Android Smart TVs can be equipped with it. IOS and Android tablets and SmartPhones too, as well as PCs VLC Player, Kodi, Media Player Classic and MAg Boxes are compatible with the app. It can also play m3u files. So it can be associated with all devices that can support m3u files.


* What is the price ?


The subscription to Net IPTV costs a few dozen euros in one year. You should pay around 60 euros for the whole subscription for one year. Initially, you get one week free, but after that you will have to buy it and subscribe.

But the use is possible only after the activation of the application, that is, after paying a fee of 5.29 euros. This activation is necessary only once. The price of the subscription is 59 euros per year. This depends on the type of subscription order chosen. Also, after the 7 days of free use, you can only use it if the first month of subscription has been paid.


Why the use of Net IPTV can be illegal ?




Net IPTV allows you to access thousands of contents in the world. Some people talk about 5000 channels internationally, which allows you to go from one country to another and even access channels in China or the USA in a few seconds. In fact, you can enjoy IPTV, but better.

This makes Net IPTV completely illegal. As Internet providers and channel providers have limited their offers to certain contents, countries and services, when you access them via Net IPTV and without prior agreement from the provider, you are illegal. You are not paying the proper and necessary subscription fees and this is akin to theft.

Indeed, this restriction comes from the fact that the connection must be more expensive. The server used is located in another country. Thus, the price of your subscription in France cannot be enough to pay all the costs of the same subscription in the USA and vice versa.


What are the risks of subscribing to an illegal IPTV service ?


The first risk is the immediate termination of your subscription. Indeed, several subscription platforms and channel providers have compiled a blacklist of IP addresses that connect via a VPN or an illegal IPTV. Some of them can even track your real geographical position and follow your movements. Still others can access your personal information.

In fact, the illegality comes from the very use of IPTV in an illegal way. So, even if it is convenient to have an IPTV subscription through the Net IPTV application, you are entering into illegality and you are reprehensible according to the law by connecting to geo-restricted or restricted content. We would like to remind you that there are penalties if you commit such an offence and that this type of subscription is totally illegal.


In our opinion, Net IPTV is an easy solution for people who like movies and all streaming contents. And there is nothing wrong with that. The channels included in a subscription in France are often less interesting and the programs are late compared to those available in the US, especially for Netflix or dramas in Korea. The Net IPTV is thus useful in this sense. It is also convenient and the price is not very high. It’s still expensive, though, if you had to pay the subscription all at once. Installation and use are also easy.

But besides this convenience and ease of use, the risks of getting into trouble are obvious as soon as you subscribe. So is it worth it? Frankly, we think not. Therefore, we do not recommend such a subscription at all.