How to install Kodi on Android TV ?


How to install Kodi on Android TV
How to install Kodi on Android TV


Kodi is a free open source media player that is an excellent local file manager and the best online media player. The Kodi application is packed with features. Over 900 approved addons allow you to watch hours of content with Kodi Media Player. The Kodi app is also available on Google Play Store and Microsoft. If you are using an Android TV, you can probably install Kodi on Android Tv without any problems.


How to install Kodi on Android TV ?


There are many methods to install Kodi on Android TV. Let us discuss two methods that can be easily used to install it.

Using the Play Store
Side loading Kodi on Android TV


Install Kodi on Android TV using Play Store


Follow the steps below to install Kodi on Android TV using the Google Play Store:

Open Google Play Store on your Android TV.
Search for “Kodi” using the search bar


Applications from unknown sources
Click on the Kodi application and press “Install”.
The application will be downloaded and installed on your Android TV.

You can open Kodi on Android TV and start installing your favorite modules on Kodi. This is a method to install Kodi on Android TV.


Side-loading Kodi


If you have problems with your Play Store, you can use this alternative to install Kodi on AndroidTV.

Before installing, you need to enable apps from unknown sources.

Go to the Settings tab on your Android TV.
Click on the Personal tab and choose “Security and restrictions”.
You will find the “Applications from unknown sources” button. Click it and turn it on.






1. Open any browser on your computer and go to the URL “”.




2. Scroll down the list and click on the Android icon.



3. Click on an ARM version (32-bit or 64-bit).



4. The Kodi APK will start downloading.



5. Once downloaded, copy the APK file to a Pendrive.

6. Connect the USB stick to your Android TV.

7. Go to the folder on the USB stick and click on the APK file.

8. The installer will open. Click on “Install”.

9. The installation process will start and the Kodi application will be installed on your TV.

The application will be similar to the application downloaded via Google Play Store. This is the alternative method to download and install Kodi on Android TV.




So, using the above two methods, you can install Kodi on TV. There are other methods, such as using ES File Explorer, to install Kodi as well. You can use the method that you find easier to install Kodi. If you plan to use third-party modules, it is best to use a VPN on your Android TV as well.