The Kodi Application For IPTV


The Kodi Application For IPTV
The Kodi Application For IPTV


Did you know that watching movies is much more enjoyable with Kodi? This media player is compatible with an iPhone, a laptop and all other Android or IOS and even with an Xbox console. We have done some tests with m3u files and here is our verdict.


What is Kodi ?


Kodi is not really an application, it’s a multimedia player. It is an improved version of the old Xbox Media Center or XBMC. Previously, it was only intended for file playback on the first generation Xbox console. Now, Kodi is compatible with almost all current technological devices.

This Media Center can replace your media player on Android, iOS, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, Raspbian and BSD operating systems. And it doesn’t matter on the multimedia format. It allows you to edit a music playlist or even play video games.

In fact, Kodi is especially useful for streaming content since it allows you to turn ordinary devices into a streaming platform. Thus, you can use your hard drive to play videos or access streams on the net. It also allows you to enjoy TV in a different way and for free, especially live broadcasts.


How does it work with IPTV ?


To use Kodi with IPTV, you must first subscribe to an IPTV subscription and obtain the m3u file. You also need an IPTV media player like Smarters Pro or Kodi. They are available on Android and iOS and thus on current media: tablet, iPad, Apple TV or Smart TV, etc. Here are the steps:

Download IPTV Smarters Pro or Player for Smart TV from Play store or Apple Store,
Install the IPTV Smarters Pro or Player application on your device,
Click on “open” and wait for the IPTV application of your choice to open,
Click on “+ or add a user for configuration” and it will display a playlist,
Choose between m3u or API Xtream-codes. Opt for the m3u link if you have clicked on “Playlist”. You will only have to fill in your IPTV Smarters Pro subscription or Xtream-codes API credentials afterwards: username, password and server URL.




Kodi Application For IPTV
Kodi Application For IPTV

How to play m3u files ?


To make the playback easier and faster, it is better to choose m3u files. Clicking on this option is one of the configurations that Kodi offers you when you go to make your subscription. After following the instructions carefully, using this link is the first choice if you want to load several channels on the IPTV subscription more efficiently. To do so, follow this guide:

Start Kodi then select on “my extensions”,
Click on the “video recorder client” and then select on “simple PVR client”,
Press “Activate” and select “Configure PVR”,
Select “General”,
Click on “Remote Access Path Location” (Option1),
If you have a m3u file in your computer, in your TV box or in your local network, you must click on ” Local path ” (Option 2),
Then select on ” URL ” in the m3u playlist,
Click on the location of your stored file and choose option 2,
Enter the URL of the m3u playlist and press “OK”,
Return to the previous window and press OK again.
After that, all you have to do is restart Kodi and wait for a notification. Then go back to the home screen to select on TV.


What are the features of Kodi ?


As Kodi comes from the XBMC or Media Center generation, its functions and options are amazing. This application has been improved to be compatible with all devices used nowadays like Smarters, iPad or game console. All in all, Kodi is able to play AVC, MPEG-2 and MPEG-1 videos. It is suitable for different types of multimedia formats or not, thanks to its Media Center capability. So you can play MP4, VIVO, AAC, MP2 and MP3 with it. And that’s not all, with a simple click you can subscribe to IPTV on your iPhone, Smarters Pro or Android Smart TV.


Beware, most IPTV subscriptions are illegal


Most IPTV subscriptions are illegal because they are not from authorized providers. In order not to be in the same situation as dishonest people and not to be in trouble in court, you should subscribe to a legal subscription. Some people use a VPN to stay invisible while using an illegal IPTV subscription, but this is highly discouraged. So even if you avoid embarrassment with a VPN, you are still illegal.


Kodi is a practical and useful application. The features make it possible to enjoy IPTV. It is easier to play videos from podcasts with it as it is easy to create a playlist or stream videos from the Internet. Its great compatibility adds to the convenience and comfort of use, knowing that all existing devices can be connected to it.