What is IPTV Pirate ? We explain


The arrival of pay-TV packages on connected TV subscriptions has developed the IPTV Pirate. These are similar or even better offers that some sites offer at low prices. Many people choose this easy solution despite the risks. But what is IPTV Pirate really?


iptv pirate
iptv pirate


IPTV : the connected TV


IPTV can be defined as the new generation TV where you need an internet connection to watch TV channels. It can also be translated as Internet TV or connected TV.

Indeed, unlike digital or analog TV, it gives access to channels via internet. You can view them on a Smart TV, a Smartphone, a tablet or a PC. Also, it is possible to see different contents on different media while with DTT, this is not the case.

Thus, IPTV allows to watch streams and channels on the Internet, regardless of the country of origin. This is also a special feature, because you can watch programs available in China or the USA without any problem. You just need to have them as part of your subscription. You can also watch your favorite series and shows from another country when you are on the move.


How does it work ?


iptv pirate
iptv pirate


IPTV was created with one goal in mind: to make it easier to connect to TV channels. So, once you have a contract, you can watch TV from anywhere and everywhere. All you need is a compatible device connected to the chosen offer. If you are on the move, outside in the subway or on your way home, you can already watch your favorite content.

At home, you can continue without having to ask your girlfriend to unplug her smartphone or your children to leave the Smart TV. You can still use your tablet. That’s the biggest advantage of IPTV: to connect at the same time on a single subscription with several media and for different contents.

But to take advantage of this, the most practical way is to use an Android box. This small box follows the same principle as the DTT boxes except that it has a Wifi function. This connects it to the internet and thus to IPTV.


The IPTV Pirate


You only need an IPTV box to install the pirate version of the connected TV. The process follows the same as for a normal subscription, except that it is illegal and the use of a VPN to hide its actions is very common.

Note that the ITPV itself is not illegal. It is the subscription to pirate providers that is illegal. Indeed, the 50th per year offers for thousands of channels is often totally illegal because these providers have no rights to broadcast these TV channels.


Pirate IPTV : totally illegal offers


Pirate IPTV is illegal because you are not entitled to it under your subscription contract. You are thus limited, according to the law of obligations, to the channels included in your subscription and those provided by your provider.

The reason is simple: your provider is also subject to the geo-restriction rule. He does not have access to it either, so he cannot grant you a special authorization. He risks the same dangers as you.

So, if you persist in your desire to watch Netflix US, for example, without it being included in your contract, you fall into the illegal. You are even breaking the law and are guilty of theft. In addition, these boxes hijack normal TV streams. This is still illegal.


Risks for the consumer


They can always use a VPN. In fact, that’s the only way to prevent it, but if they get caught, the penalties apply:

automatic and unannounced termination of your subscription: your provider has the right to immediately terminate the internet and IPTV subscription contract. He can also file a complaint. You will have to pay damages as well as the charges that the main provider would ask for.
Legal action: in France, the law allows the provider to take legal action against their dishonest customers.
Heavy fines
(up to 300,000 euros) and imprisonment.


Other dangers of Pirate IPTV


The financial and legal risks are obvious with Pirate IPTV. But the biggest danger is hackers and data theft. You may be unknowingly hacked into your network. This technical risk remains the most dangerous of all since you are exposing yourself and your loved ones.

As all devices are connected to the same Wifi and IPTV network, sensitive information can fall into the wrong hands. It can be photos, family videos, information about your mailboxes, passwords on social networks, etc. What’s worse is that IPTV boxes have become easy targets for web hackers. Intrusions are therefore difficult to recognize.

That’s why it’s forbidden to subscribe to Pirate IPTV for any reason. In any case, we do not recommend it. It is better to stay within the law, pay your bills normally and restrict yourself to the offers you are allowed to access.