IPTV 4K Decoders Set Top Boxes : How Does It Work ?


IPTV 4K Decoders
IPTV 4K Decoders


The world of broadcasting has undergone a major revolution since its inception. Today, in the digital age, watching television via the Internet has become a trend in the home. This is due to the appearance of IPTV or Internet Protocol Television, an innovative technique that allows an audiovisual channel to transmit its programs via the web. To receive television via the Internet, you need an IPTV decoder. In this article, we will learn more about this tool and, more specifically, the IPTV 4K decoder.


What is an IPTV 4k decoders ?


First of all, let’s get to know IPTV. IPTV is television programming broadcast live over an Internet protocol. There are several ways to access it and using a set-top box is one of them. IPTV uses Internet technology to deliver programs on demand. However, not all televisions are equipped with IPTV. Hence the need to use an IPTV set-top box. With a decoder, you can receive through your Internet connection digital data converted into analog data that you can watch on your TV. Indeed, the IPTV decoder allows you to decode digital information so that you can display a quality image in high definition on your TV.


How to connect an IPTV decoder ?


It is very easy to connect an IPTV decoder, because it looks like any other decoder we have known so far. In fact, set-top boxes are like stand-alone computers that are programmed to do one thing and that is to receive unreadable video content and convert it into a readable format such as an MPEG2 or MPG4 file, and then display it as a high-quality TV picture. This set-top box plugs into your TV’s HDMI socket and connects to the internal Wi-Fi connection so you can stream TV programs like movies, TV shows or music directly.


What are the 4K set top boxes ?



IPTV 4K Decoders
IPTV 4K Decoders


IPTV is growing rapidly with the appearance of new providers. As a result, the set-top box market is also growing rapidly and even more innovative models have appeared, such as 4K IPTV set-top boxes. Therefore, we have selected below some powerful models of current 4K IPTV set-top boxes:


Xiaomi Mi Box S 4K

This is the best in terms of 4K set-top box. In fact, Xiaomi Mi Box S 4K comes with a great value for money. It is designed to offer a truly optimal streaming experience thanks to the integration of the Google Chromecast application. Moreover, it also allows access to HD content offered by various VOD services.



The NVIDIA Shield TV box seems to be the most powerful set-top box in its category. It has a dedicated graphics card with exceptional 4K HDR image quality. It is also ideal for video gaming experiences. Its small weakness is its rather expensive cost.


MXQ Pro 4K

One of the best value 4K Android boxes around. This very simple set-top box does more than enough to enjoy 4K on your IPTV stream.


H96 4K decoder

Finally, we have the 4K H96 which is also powerful and easy to install. This set-top box has an HDMI 2.0 output that offers 4K and 2K picture quality. It also incorporates a Windows 7.0 operating system, which makes it a very powerful box.


Are the decoders on Aliexpress legal ?


Aliexpress has been booming for a few years now, as it is one of the biggest sales sites on the Internet. We can find everything on this site and IPTV decoders are one of them. The Aliexpress site is reliable and safe, but the products sold there are not always so. The IPTV set-top boxes offered on this Chinese sales platform may be illegal copies and buying them is prohibited by law as it is considered a copyright infringement.


IPTV 4K Decoders Set Top Boxes
IPTV 4K Decoders Set Top Boxes


Beware, pirate IPTV is illegal !


A pirate IPTV allows illegal access to paid content. This broadcasting technology is punishable by law and can lead to sanctions. Indeed, watching illegal streaming on a TV screen is a violation of copyright and can lead to severe penalties. The first of the disadvantages of pirate IPTV is that it can backfire, as the illegal box is not secure and can spy on you. Moreover, by giving your information to pay for an IPTV subscription, you are also giving them your bank details which they can hack into later. Using an illegal set-top box means that you run legal risks that can lead to fines.



Our opinion on IPTV decoders


Honestly, the IPTV set-top box is a really powerful technology and it is possible to find different models offering innovative features on the market. However, the risks of facing illegal IPTV set-top boxes are high due to the counterfeiting that is rampant. This does not prevent users from being satisfied with the quality of service, performance and competence of such a set-top box, which ensures the smooth operation of TV streaming. Accessing digital TV via IPTV is easy. The use of a 4K set-top box offers an interesting alternative despite its rather expensive price. Indeed, this type of box offers a high quality BDE streaming experience. However, the price is worth it, but beware of illicit use and check your source carefully.