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iplaytv apple tv
iplaytv apple tv


This application is only available on Apple TV and you can use it to watch your favorite IPTV playlist on Apple TV from Gen 3.

This is the most popular app with a smooth interface for IPTV. We recommend it among all other apps available for Apple TV.


Install IPTV channels on iPlayTV


You need to install iPlayTV from the Apple TV app store. It costs 5.99 USD.

Application in the app store: https://apps.apple.com/app/iplaytv/id1072226801


Then follow these steps:

Time needed: 8 minutes.

Install IPTV in iPlayTV on Apple TV


1- Select ADD Playlist

Open iPlayTV and select Add Playlist



2- Choose Xtream Server

There are 3 ways to add an IPTV playlist: M3U Link (remote playlist file), downloaded m3u playlist (local file) and Xtream Server. We recommend using the Xtream server method which gives you more features like EPG and automatic playlist update.



3- Enter Xtream server details

You need to enter the Xtream server details: server URL, username and password provided by your IPTV provider.
You can also retrieve the Xtream server details from the M3u link. FAQs section below.
Note: you must enter a name for the playlist, it can be any name (install-iptv in this case).
Select Save



4- Channels and VOD loading

In the last playlist, loading channels, VOD and EPG information.






How to find the details of the Xtream codes ?

You can extract the Xtream code information from the M3u link. Look at this example:



How to zap the channel list when playing a channel ?


You can slide your finger from left to right on the remote control to zap the channel list.




How to display the EPG of the current channel ?



Slide your finger from right to left on the remote control.