Vstream : How To Install This French Addon on Kodi


How to install vstream on kodi
How to install vstream on kodi


Playing content on the internet and accessing many channels, national and international, is becoming trendy with IPTV. And good news, you can use a Kodi extension called Vstream to watch replay, and thus enjoy replayed or live shows. So, how to install Vstream on Kodi?


What is Kodi and Vstream ?


Kodi is the new version of the old Xbox Media Center or XBMC, which was designed to play files on Xbox. And as a multimedia player, it can play all formats on current technological devices. Thus, it plays audio, video and other media files on Android, iOS, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, Raspbian and BSD operating systems. All you have to do is create a playlist and start playback. Kodi is thus compatible with Smarters, iPad or tablets. And keeping its original vocation, it can always replace the game console and thus play video games.

Kodi also allows you to play streaming content and turn standard devices into a streaming platform. You can play videos, streams on the net and watch TV otherwise for free with. Even a live broadcast of the shows.

Vstream is an extension or add-on for streaming. Its particularity is that it is always updated and the last version is 0.7.5. It allows you to play all types of video streams: movies, series, mangas, documentaries, etc. It also helps you to access reruns on French national channels on IPTV and foreign channels on TNT in addition to radio.


How to install Vstream on Kodi ?


You have to start by authorizing the addition of extensions from unknown sources in order to install Vstream. To do this :

go to Settings, System, Extensions and Enable Unknown Sources;
return to the main page by pressing Esc ;
in Settings again, press File Manager and double-click on Add Source, then double-click on None;
enter this address: https://www.viphosting.site/depot/ on the tab instead of None.
Enter the name of the Vstream extension, then click OK.
For the actual installation, you must :

return to the home screen by clicking on Esc ;
click on Extensions, then on Extension Browser at the top left;
click on Install from a Zip file. The goal is to find the Vstream name entered in the first step.
From there, you go to the Vstream repository.


Where to find the Vstream repository ?


When you have found the name Vstream, you have to search the repository on github.com. Then, here is what you have to do :

install the file : vstream-0.0.3.zip by double clicking on it. The link appears automatically;
a window will appear, and you should press Install from a repository.
click on the repository: vStream Repository ;
choose Extensions Videos, then vStream and finally Install.
Vstream will be in startup mode from there and you will be asked to update.


install vstream on kodi
install vstream on kodi


What content can I find with Vstream ?


Vstream on Kodi allows you to watch all the video streams on the channels available in France and the DTT channels. It is also possible to listen to the radio via this addon. In fact, it helps you store files on Kodi and play them.

For content on international IPTV channels, Vstream requires the installation of a video plug-in: f4mTester. You have to do it from the repository: https://loopaddon.uk/loop.


Protect your data by using a VPN ?


To take advantage of Vstream’s features, it is recommended to use a VPN like Surfshark. This is the only way to avoid your ISP to know what you are connecting to.

Indeed, a VPN automatically erases the browsing history and leaves no trace of your passage on such or such site. Your passages on Kodi will remain anonymous, because the VPN avoids any type of data processing and transfer as well as information cross-checking. It protects you against the controls or the follow-ups of your Internet and TV providers. Indeed, your IP address will be hidden and file hosts, P2P network or IPTV servers will not be able to retain it. No data storage will be done and you will get a new IP.

A VPN also protects you from intrusions, malware attacks and hacking risks. In short, your network and your personal information will be safe.


Is this Kodi addon illegal ?


Yes, Addon Vstream on Kodi is illegal. That’s why its users use a VPN. They avoid the returns of their Internet and TV providers, the automatic recordings of the navigation data and the risks of hacking. Their IP address being hidden, they remain totally anonymous on the web.


In conclusion about the Vstream Addon


Vstream is the most practical and complete French addon. It is even one of the few addons on Kodi to offer so many possibilities. It is often updated and therefore remains functional. In short, it is a good product, easy to install and to use. Beware, given its illegal nature, its use is not recommended. If you want to add it to your extensions, it is at your own risk.