How To Cancel a TV Subscription Easily ?


How to cancel a TV subscription easily
How to cancel a TV subscription easily


When it comes to TV subscriptions, no one is immune to misleading advertisements. Indeed, every day we are faced with TV subscription advertisements that can only make our mouths water. However, it is important to note that subscribing is always easier than cancelling. Discover the best way to cancel a TV subscription.


Make a cancellation request


Legally, the cancellation of a TV subscription must be done by sending a cancellation letter to your provider. You must actually make a written request in order to cancel your subscription. This is a better way for your provider to understand your reasons for cancelling their offer. You can’t actually make a termination request without providing valid reasons. To make the cancellation easy, follow these tips for cancelling a TV subscription. In most cases, people want to cancel their subscription and sign up with another provider. This is not a bad thing. However, you should avoid giving this kind of information in your application at the risk of being refused. As stipulated in the subscription contract, the provider is indeed entitled to refuse your request for termination.


Valid reasons for a cancellation request


If you have read the terms of your subscription contract carefully, you will know that there are reasons that allow you to cancel your TV subscription without any problem, including

The death of the person who signed the contract. The contract is therefore directly terminated upon presentation of a death certificate.
The imprisonment of the contract holder, the contract will also be terminated immediately.
Disability or serious illness of the contract holder. The termination can be immediate if the TV subscription is deemed to be useless for him/her. In this case, you will have to present a medical certificate on behalf of the contract holder.
The contract holder moves abroad, especially to a country not covered by the provider.
Considerable debts that prevent the contract holder from paying every month, you can perfectly cancel the contract with presentation of proof.


The best excuses to cancel a TV subscription


To easily cancel a TV subscription, it is not necessarily necessary to tell the truth about the reasons for your cancellation. As previously mentioned, it is more beneficial to be strategic. If you want to cancel a TV subscription without the reasons mentioned in the previous paragraph, you may have difficulties. So remember to stipulate logical and acceptable reasons in your request. If you want to avoid paying the penalties, you can for example claim poor channel reception. This is a real reason to break the contract. However, you also have to prove this bad reception.


The best time to cancel your TV subscription


In order to make the termination easy enough, you also have to be strategic about the timing. To avoid paying penalties, it is best to cancel the contract at the end of the contract. This way you won’t be forced to renew the contract. On the other hand, if you wish to terminate the contract before the anniversary of the contract, you will be liable for all sums due until the end of the contract unless you have a legitimate reason for terminating.

* Writing a cancellation letter


A termination letter is a simple letter that allows you to inform your supplier of your decision to terminate the contract. You will find on the web some very easy cancellation letter templates that may inspire you. Please note that a request to cancel a TV subscription cannot be made online. You have to write the letter on paper and send it by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt to your provider. This will allow you to prove that your cancellation letter was sent in case of complications. Make sure you check the address of your TV channel provider’s head office before sending the letter. Send it directly to the cancellation department to get an answer as soon as possible. It is advisable to send the cancellation letter at least one month before the end of your subscription to avoid tacit renewals for the next period.