GSE SMART IPTV is a complete user-defined advanced IPTV solution for your iOS device. With a powerful built-in player that supports most formats, including M3U with XTREAM options and platforms.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to bring IPTV channels to your iOS device. GSE smart IPTV App. Start by downloading the GSE SMART IPTV app to your iOS or android device. The process of bringing IPTV channels is the same for both android and iphone devices.


Download GSE smart IPTV


GSE smart IPTV app is available for iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets, tvOS and MAC OS X. You can download it from Play store or App store.

Download for Android devices:

Download for iOS devices:

Download for MAC OS X:


Download for Amazon Fire TV stick: Click Here


Bring IPTV channels to GSE smart IPTV


Time needed: 6 minutes.

Install IPTV on GSE smart IPTV


1- Navigate to XTREAM CODES API
Navigate to the XTREAM CODES PAI section from the application menu



2- Press the + icon.
Press the + icon to add a new list of XTREAM CODES



3- Enter the details based on Xtream
Enter Xtream-based connection details: Server , username and password which are provided by your IPTV provider. (The details in the image are examples and you must enter your own).
You need to set a name in the “Any Name” field, it can be any name you want.
Enable automatic EPG update
Then press connection



4- Enter the created list and watch movies and live TV channels



5- It’s done!



How can I establish a m3u connection instead of an Xtream Codes connection ?

You can use Remote playlists section, press + and choose Add a M3U URL and then paste the M3U link.



How to record a channel ?

When you choose a channel from the list, choose Play/Record in the pop up .


Then you can press the RED button on the player to record the channel.



How to remove advertising from GSE smart IPTV ?

The free version of GSE smart IPTV displays advertisements when changing channels, you need to buy it to remove the advertisements.
To purchase the application, go to Buy from the application menu and follow the purchase process.



How to stream IPTV channels on the Chromecast ?

Tap the Cast icon at the top right of the app to stream the GSE smart IPTV screen to an available Chromecast device.