The GSE Smart IPTV apk application



GSE Smart IPTV apk application
GSE Smart IPTV apk application


IPTV is going through a period of improvement. A lot of materials are also created to facilitate the use and open the connected TV to more people. We have done some tests on the GSE Smart IPTV apk, a special media player for IPTV channels, and we reveal the results below.


What is an IPTV application ?


An IPTV application allows you to enjoy IPTV or connected TV on mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet. It can be paired with a Smart TV and is available for Android and iPhone with iOS. It is useful to play all remote and physical lists of m3u IPTV type. In fact, it can play all media type contents: videos, music, streams, etc.


What are the advantages of GSE IPTV ?


The GSE IPTV application offers several advantages:

Complete offers,
A Chromecast function,
A compatibility on iOS,
An ease of use,
Several languages to choose from,
Playback of all media and m3u files.
GSE ITPV is even the best Android player for IPTV at the moment. In addition, it is compatible on iOS devices with iPhones and iPads, Apple TV and Mac Book.


How to install GSE Smart IPTV ?


The installation of GSE Smart IPTV apk starts with the download of the application from App Store or Play Store depending on the type of media used. You will go through the following steps one by one:

Step 1: Press the main menu button on the top left corner of the screen. It is easy to recognize: it has three lines.
Step 2: Go to the Xtream Codes API. To do this, choose the button that offers it from the list of menus.
Step 3: Press the “+” button on the screen, in the upper right corner.
Step 4: Fill in the requested information: name of the playlist, name of the server and personal identifiers.
Step 5: Click on Add and wait.


gse smart iptv
gse smart iptv

How does it work to read a m3u file ?


To read a m3u file, just go to the m3u list or create one. You should also access the remote json and the physical json by going directly to the home page. A pre-made list is already available, you just need to update it. To do this, install physical and remote m3u lists in your interface. Only then you will be able to play m3u files on GSE IPTV Android.

In practice, you will enter m3u links, since a m3u file is a simple playlist of all the video or audio content you want to play. Note that m3u is nothing but an improved version of MPEG, a version 3.0 URL. That’s why we talk about links. It is about copying addresses of audio or video files to be played later. These links are useful to enjoy IPTV subscriptions on PC and Smart TV.

As we are talking about Smart TV, you should install the GSE IPTV apk and then go to Then, you should type the m3u link and the IP address of the TV. On PC, you will have to introduce the link on the search bar and download the file. The playback is done through a multimedia software.


What are all the functionalities of this application ?


During the configuration, the settings must remain on “default” in order to keep an optimal functioning of the apk. You can however change the language of use for more ease or the time.

Its other features are :

Chromecast support,
Compatibility with the XTREAM-Codes API.
Possibility of live and automatic broadcasting,
Enable or disable parental control,
Dynamic language switching: 31 languages,
Playback of all video formats and other formats like HTTP, HSL, M3U8, MMS, RTSP for online videos.
You can also set the application to change the subject in GSE IPTV, including colors or themes. The idea is to customize the application without touching the basic configurations.

Is it possible to cast GSE IPTV with a Chromecast ?

Yes, it is possible to cast GSE IPTV with a Chromecast. Here are the steps to follow:

install GSE Smart IPTV on an Android Smartphone via Google Play Store,
connect the Smartphone and the Chromecast to the same Wifi network,
open the GSE Smart IPTV application,
playing the playlist on the player homepage (a list is already available, but you can always create one)
choose the list and the language or the region (depending on the content to be played).
After that, the playlist will be displayed and you should click on the “Cast” icon at the top of the page. You will also find the list of available devices. You have to choose the Chromecast device to start casting.

Then, your TV screen will become the “GSE Media Center”. To start playing, click on the channel of your choice and press “Cast” from the options presented: Play, Cast and Open with. This last action (the Cast) activates the channel for particular and the connection of your IPTV player.


GSE Smart IPTV seems to be functional. The apk allows you to play all types and formats of content, which is rare in the field of IPTV players. If the configuration step seems difficult in theory, the practice is much faster.