What is an EPG Guide ? How does it work ?

EPG Guide
EPG Guide


Just like the Internet, the TV world is also evolving. Indeed, the EPG or Electronic Program Guide is a guide used in the TV world. This program allows you to easily choose the program you want to watch. This kind of technology is very useful and practical for the fans. More and more people are looking for the best solution to have the most complete EPG for different TV channels. But you still need to know how to do it. Discover through this article what an EPG Guide is and how it works.


What is an EPG Guide ?


The EPG is first and foremost an electronic guide to TV programs. It contains all kinds of detailed information that can be accessed via an interactive infographic menu. It provides information about the current TV program and future programs over a period of hours or even days. In concrete terms, the EPG allows you to display information about the programs broadcast by the TV channels on your TV. Thanks to this guide, you can search for programs and schedule a recording of your favorite program.

The Electronic Program Guide service is available on a range of broadcast networks such as digital terrestrial, xDSL and satellite TV. It is also available on smartphone multimedia services and some websites. You will mainly find EPGs on digital recorders on DVD or hard disks, as well as on HTPS or Home Theatre personal computers.


Simply put, digital TV program guides allow users to:


View upcoming TV programs,
Schedule a recording by simply selecting the program in the guide,
Systematically give a title to a recording and integrate the description of the program in question,
Search for programs according to different criteria.


How does a TV Guide EPG work ?


The channels are installed on your set-top box and the EPG is not working? In this case, make sure that the channels are only installed on the set-top box. First of all, it is important to know that the EPG works only if the channels are installed on the tuner associated with the TV. You can also use the EPG functionality of the set-top box by checking if it is available and then making the appropriate adjustments.

In addition, to quickly obtain information about the program in progress, you only have to press the right direction key on the remote control supplied with your decoder. This way you will have direct access to the description of the programs in progress.

You should also know that with a VTX TV, you can retrieve the EPG on your smartphone or tablet. To do this, you must have a sufficient Internet connection, namely at least 2 Mbps for SD channels and 4 Mbps for HD channels. If you have an iPhone or an iPad, it must have iOS 7. And if your device is on Android, it is recommended to have Android 4x. This way, you can create your own list of favorite channels easily with your smartphone. Just select the desired channel from your iPhone or iPad. Then, slide your finger from right to left until an additional menu appears showing a star.


How to use it with an IPTV media player ?


IPTV media player like VLC is a free media player. To start, you need to configure the IPTV media player. To play the media, you will not need to define any additional codecs, as they are already included in the program. Besides, the program can record an audio and video stream on your computer. Therefore, the IPTV media player is perfect for viewing TV programs on your computer. This program works with the most modern operating system.

Therefore, you need to download and install the media player on your computer. Then launch the player. Select “File” and open a network stream. Then paste the M3U link directly and click on open. Once the playlist is downloaded, open the playlist. View the playlist to see the list of channels. Then choose another channel playlist to watch. If you have problems watching the live TV service, restart your device, box and Internet router.


Besides, MyIPTV Player is also an excellent media player with EPG to play IPTV channels. Just load your M3U playlist from storage or a remote source. With this media player, the channels are automatically grouped according to the channel data including:


Built-in EPG support,
Recording option for channels,
Built-in favorites management,
Multi-channel playlist,
Video on demand download,
Channel filtering options, etc.


Where to find the xmltv EPG URLs ?


Please note that in order to have the EPG link to use in various applications, in your m3u link, you have to replace/get.php? by/xmltv.php? XMLTV is a project which is a guide to programs in XML format. You can find xmltv EPG URLs at many sites like allfrtv, or racacaxtv. You can also use other URLs available on the Fluxies site. Some sites contain a good majority of French channels and some foreign channels. The XMLTV is between 4 and 10 days depending on the channels.