Our Selection of The Best 4G Box Offers


best 4g box offers
best 4g box offers


Operators offer a practical solution to have direct access to the Internet. Thanks to the 4G box, every home, even in the most remote places, can benefit from a good internet connection. It is especially an alternative while waiting for the large-scale deployment of the Very High Speed Internet access.


What is a 4G box ?


The 4G box is the solution proposed by the operators to benefit from Very High Speed Internet at home. The box is easy to install and allows to connect all the devices in a house. The offer is mainly aimed at individuals who have a low speed, but who are in an area covered by the 4G connection.

* Access to very high speed internet thanks to the 4G network

The 4G box is mainly intended for households in areas where very high speed internet is not yet available. To benefit from the connection, it is necessary to live in an area covered by a 4G antenna and which is active.

* Why choose a 4G box ?

Choosing a 4G box allows you to access the internet connection even if you are located in an area not covered by the Very High Speed. The operators also offer in addition to the connection unlimited calls to mobile and fixed numbers.


Characteristics to pay attention to before choosing


As for any purchase, it is advisable to make a comparison of the different offers available according to the operator. Thus, we will compare the price, the services offered by the operator, the speed of the connection and especially if there is a commitment or not.

* With or without commitment

The three operators Bouygues Telecom, Orange and SFR offer the purchase of a 4G box without any commitment. Only NRJ Mobile requires a 12-month commitment from users. Before making a choice, it is wise to compare each offer.

* Unlimited or not

The access to unlimited data depends on the chosen operator. Some offer a subscription for a whole year with limited data. Others offer a connection with excellent speed, but with a certain ceiling.

* Connection speed

Again, depending on the operator, the speed of the connection varies. At Bouygues Telecom, the speed is 220 Mb/s as for SFR. At Orange, the speed is around 150 Mb/s and for NRJ Mobile, it is 100 Mb/s with a 12 months commitment.

* The price

As for the price, NRJ Mobile offers the 4G box from 29.99€/month for an access to the 4G connection during 12 months. For Orange, the offer is 36.99€ while SFR sells its box at 35€ and Bouygues Telecom at 32.99€.


Which 4G box to choose ? Here is our ranking


Which 4G box corresponds more to your needs? Which operator offers more advantages than others. A small comparison between four current operators is necessary: SFR, Bouygues Telecom, Orange and Sosh. Before choosing an offer, you should not forget to check your eligibility. The test is proposed by the operators with your address or phone number.

1. The Box 4G+ of SFR

For a rental of the 4G box of 35 euros per month, SFR offers up to 220 Mbits/s with 200 GB included per month. Calls in France and in the DOM fixed and mobile are unlimited. SFR also offers in its pack 10 GB of storage in the SFR Cloud. With this operator, the customer must be satisfied or he will be refunded. If the user is satisfied after the first month of use, his fees will be refunded in full, ie 19 euros. The 4G box offer at SFR is without commitment. The “satisfied or reimbursed” offer therefore gives the user 30 days to test the SFR 4G box. With SFR, you also have access to the channels of RMC Sport at a better price.

2. The 4G box of Bouygues Telecom

Bouygues Telecom offers its 4G box at 32.99 euros per month, without commitment for a period of 12 months. After the first year, the subscription will be available from €42.99. Set-up and termination fees are €19 each. The operator offers a connection speed of 220 Mb/s. The package includes access to 70 live and unlimited TV channels thanks to the B.tv application. As with SFR, Bouygues Telecom also offers a “satisfied or reimbursed” trial for thirty days. The user will have one month to decide whether or not to cancel his or her subscription at no cost. The closing costs will be refunded by the operator and the return will be free. The connection is unlimited during the first year. If the user stays on the €32.99 offer, he will have 200GB per month, but if he wants unlimited, it will be available from €42.99 per month.

3. 4G Home from Orange

The 4G box from Orange is available from 36.99 euros per month without any commitment. However, you need to buy the Flybox, the 4G router, which costs 74.90 euros. A payment facility is offered by the operator for the acquisition of the Flybox: from one time to 24 times depending on the possibilities of the user. Orange offers its box without activation fees and without cancellation fees. A data volume of 200 GB/month is included in the offer and if you exceed this quota, the speed will be reduced little by little until the end of the month. The speed of the connection will be 150 Mb/s. The user will also have access to 70 channels accessible via an application on smartphone or tablet.

4. The 4G box of Sosh

Orange’s low-cost brand, Sosh, is offering its 4G box with 20GB of data for 19.99 euros per month. It is applicable during the first year of commitment to Sosh. The package includes a basic dual play package and access to a TV decoder. The connection on optical fiber will be at a speed of 300 Mb/s. The offer also includes access to 160 TV channels for an additional fee of 5 euros per month.

To find the 4G box that meets your expectations, you should not hesitate to compare the offers of the operators. The characteristics of choice include: price, connection speed, possible commitments, coverage and eligibility. The satisfied or reimbursed offer also makes its effect.