Here’s How To Watch Amazon Prime Video on Android TV


Amazon Prime Video on Android TV
Amazon Prime Video on Android TV


There’s nothing like watching your favorite movies or series on your laptop, tablet or smartphone to entertain yourself or pass the time alone. When you’re with family or friends, however, it’s best to share that pleasure by streaming them on a bigger screen, that of your TV. Amazon Prime Video and Android TV allow you to do this, provided you know how to use them.


How to watch Prime Video on Android TV ?


To enjoy the Prime Video video streaming service on Android TV, you need to subscribe to Amazon Premium and have an Android TV. You can choose between different models available in specialized online stores. These include the Nvidia Shield TV, the Apple TV 4K, the Xiaomi Mi Box S 4K Ultra HD and the Roku Express. You can also buy the Chromecast 3, the Amazon Fire TV Stick or the Freebox Mini 4K depending on your budget and the features you want.


Sign up for Amazon Prime Video


Next, sign up for Amazon Prime Video by subscribing to Amazon Premium, which offers a free 30-day trial. In fact, this trial period is not only for Amazon Prime Video services, but also for the entire Amazon Prime subscription. To sign up, go to the Amazon Premium page and click on the Free Trial Registration. Then follow the instructions on the screen. Among other things, you will need to enter the details of a valid payment card, except for e-Cards. Gift certificates are not accepted for this purpose either. At the end of the trial period, your subscription will automatically become paid.


Download Amazon Prime Video in APK


Then download Amazon Prime Video in APK or for Android to be able to watch the thousands of video contents available online. These are in high definition and can be displayed simultaneously on up to 3 screens. You can also download them to watch them later.


Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Video


Install the APK on your Android TV


Then install the APK on your Android TV by going to Settings, then Security. Allow the installation of applications from unknown sources, that is, not from the Google Play store. However, deactivate this option once the installation is complete. Search for the APK to install and launch it.

Enter your credentials and enjoy the Amazon Prime Video application!
Once you have created your account, enter your login details and enjoy unlimited content from the Amazon Prime Video catalog


What is Amazon Prime Video ?


Amazon Prime Video is a streaming service for movies and series offered by the online retail giant Amazon. Via the Amazon Premium subscription of 49 euros per year, that is to say 4 to 5 euros per month, it allows access to free delivery in one working day in metropolitan France. With it, subscribers can watch all the movies and series included in its catalog on an unlimited basis.

In case they order books, the one business day delivery during the trial period still costs 1 euro cent. In this subscription, the first 30 days are in fact offered on all the services offered by the Amazon Premium subscription. Also, on Amazon Prime Video, movies in V.O, with French subtitles or recent series are available. For subscribers aged 18 to 24, Amazon Premium offers a discount of up to 24 euros. For those who prefer monthly subscriptions, this is also possible for the modest sum of 5.99 euros.


What is Android TV ?


Android TV is a small device, a microcomputer with which to make a digital TV “intelligent”. As its name suggests, it was created by the Net Giant, after Google TV which was not very successful. It is a multimedia platform, available directly through connected TVs and boxes such as Nexus Player, Freebox Mini 4K and Shield Android TV. The BBox Miami also integrates Android TV, this, since October 2015. Currently, the device is also available on a number of smartphones, tablets and connected watches.

Using the Android TV, you can connect your TV to the Internet to listen to music or watch movies on YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc. You can also use it to play games, in short, do everything you’re used to doing on your Android phone.

Even though the two net giants, Google and Amazon are fierce competitors, they bury the hatchet in their partnership on Amazon Prime Video and Android TV. It’s a good thing, because users are looking for one thing: unlimited access to their favorite TV shows, series and movies, either in the comfort of their home or on their connected devices.

As one of the top streaming providers today, Amazon has a vested interest in sticking with it, as the Android TV operating system is one of the ways it is reaping the benefits. Users can’t help but benefit from it, since all kinds of movies and series are available on the Amazon Prime Video catalog. Moreover, its subscriptions are available in many countries around the world, including France, where the Android operating system is one of the most widely used.