The TV Box Alfawise A9 4K Amlogic S905


Alfawise A9 4K Amlogic S905
Alfawise A9 4K Amlogic S905


TV Boxes are gradually replacing the classic boxes offered with IPTV subscriptions. They make it easier to access streaming, online games and IPTV. Moreover, they are numerous on sale and their prices are gradually decreasing. Alfawise is one of these boxes and we are going to dissect the A9 model.


Presentation of the Alfawise A9 TV Box


The Alfawise A9 is a small TV box that uses the Android system. It is compatible with all TVs having an HDMI port. Supporting 4K videos, this box is more robust than its weight and size show. Because even though it weighs just over 100g with its 8cm side, it plays streaming movies and video games as well as 4K videos without flinching. That’s because its technical features are state of the art. We’ll get to those details a little later. Its simple design fits all types of home decor and all users. It doesn’t take up any space and its plastic case can be placed anywhere.


Installation & Instructions


Here is how to install and use the Alfawise Amlogic S905 TV Box:

Connect all cables: HDMI, box adapter plug, Ethernet cable if needed, USB, etc.
Turn on your box and your TV
Proceed to the installation of the native software of the box
Don’t forget to turn on your Wifi or your Ethernet connection source
To start using it, navigate to the native software dashboard
You can access a web browser and start watching movies on the web
Browsing is possible with the remote control that comes with the box
To use IPTV, please contact your IPTV provider, as each provider has its own instructions for use.


Is the Alfawise A9 adapted to IPTV ?


Yes indeed, this box is adapted to IPTV. It is the first form of use of the boxes. If a TV box is not compatible with IPTV, change the model immediately. So, to get back to using IPTV, you first need a subscription. Then install the application on your box and start using it. A quick note before you subscribe, check that your provider’s offers are legal, as many IPTVs are not.


Where to buy this box at the best price?


You can compare prices on comparison platforms to find the best one, but we advise you to go on Gearbest. This is an e-commerce site for electronic gadgets. This site makes it easy for you to buy, because there is a French site, so the delivery will be very fast. The French site has just opened and offers discounts up to 60% with free shipping.


Alfawise A9
Alfawise A9

Technical specifications


The Alfawise A9 4K Amlogic S905 is one of the latest Android TV models released on the market. It may not be the best box of the moment, but it has a lot of potential and is suitable for all types of users:

ABS plastic case
CPU : Amlogic S905
GPU: Mali 450
Operating system : Android 8.1
Core : Cortex A53, Quad core
Ram of 2 GB
DDR3 Ram
External expansion memory up to 64 GB
WiFi connection, not compatible with 5G
Ports: AV, HDMI, RJ45, TF Card, USB 2.0
4K and 3D video
Remote control working with 2 AAA batteries
Dimensions: 8*8*1.5 cm
Weight: 102 grams

Our opinion on the Alfawise A9 box


There are many TV boxes on the market. Some are huge, others are smaller like the Alfawise. There are also boxes that use very new technologies, but these boxes are often very expensive. For Alfawise, even if the technology is state of the art, it remains in the average. But since this box meets all the expectations of users, we can say that it is worth it.

If this is your first purchase, we recommend this A9 S905 model. It is small, light, easy to install and use. Moreover, it costs only 30€ at most. You can watch 4K and 3D videos without any problem, provided you have a good connection speed. If you are addicted to streaming movies and IPTV, it’s even better, because the box is compatible with this kind of application.

However, choose your IPTV provider carefully. For box experts who use them for online video games and have a lot of devices to connect such as consoles, external hard drives, joysticks, mice, keyboards, etc., choose another box with better performance, because this one is quite basic.